10 Minute Workout Bursts To Lose Weight Fast!

How can a 10 minute workout burn fat?

The Journal of Physiology has proven that 3-5 short workouts are more effective than one long workout of the same duration.

When a workout is divided into shorter fragments, your internal thermostat is turned way up.

That means you burn many more calories all day long, even when resting.

The biggest challenge most of us face in our weight loss endeavors is time. Here's the solution, do a 10 minute workout several times throughout the day.

Choose a 10 minute workout below, or pick 1-3 exercises from the ideal circuit that raise your heart rate quickly, or perform (30 seconds hard/30 seconds light) intervals on your favorite cardio machine.

The goal is to complete up to five short workouts throughout the day. Space the workouts out every 3 hours, before meals or snacks. For example...

7am - 10 min Circuit - 2 exercise rotations, 1 jump exercise

10am - 10 min Stair Walking, 5 min cool down walk

1pm - 10 min Stair Walking, 5 min cool down walk

4pm - 10 min Circuit - 2 exercise rotations, 1 jump exercise

7pm - 10 min - Wall to Wall run, 30 sec hard and 30 sec light

Perform Three to Five times a week. Click Here for help choosing exercises.

Stair / Hill Walking

If you're fortunate enough to have a few flights of stairs near you during the day, then this is the 10 minute workout for you.

Four flights of steps are ideal, but work with what's easily available. Walk up taking 2 steps at a time. Rest your hands on handrails for safety, but do not pull yourself up. Doing so will reduce the total calories burned by 25%. After reaching the top, turn around and walk down at a leisurely pace.

Do not rest. Keep moving the entire 10 minutes. When you've finished, you will be sucking air. Walk around for 5 minutes or until your heart rate and breathing have slowed.

I felt silly the first time I tried this. But, by the third day 4 co-workers were walking the stairs with me. To this day three of us still stair walk everyday at 2pm.

If a hill's availble you can substitute it instead. Also try running up and walking down when your fitness level has improved.

30 Second Run / 30 Second Walk

You can go in a straight line or you can do what I do in my basement. Run from wall to wall for 30 seconds hard, then walk in place or back in forth for 30 seconds.

I started this workout after I purchased my heart rate monitor. On my treadmill I could only get my heart rate comfortably into the 120's without leg pain, but when I got off and ran wall to wall (no pain) my heart soared into the 160's. To get the maximum effect from these short bursts, your heart rate should be between 70 and 85 percent of your maximum.

Add a 10 minute workout to our Burn Fat Program.