Circuit Training For Weight Loss

What's your goal? If you want look good naked then you must include circuit training for weight loss. A properly formatted circuit training routine will cover all the bases. It will improve flexibility, build muscle tone, increase strength, increase aerobic capacity, build muscular endurance, improve coordination and burn fat.

Circuit training is at least 50% of the puzzle for permanent weight loss and 75% of the solution for men and women to look great with or without clothes.

The top circuit training for weight loss routine is the ideal circuit. This program covers all the bases and allows you to enhance the program as your conditioning improves. And best of all the program is designed to be done at home. Ideal Circuit training for weight loss leads to weight loss due to multiple reasons.

Primarily it insures that your heart rate remains elevated between 70-85% of your maximum, much as it would doing hill sprints, but with much less discomfort.

After performing a circuit training routine, your metabolism remains elevated for up to 48 hours burning additional fat stores and building muscle.

Do you have access to a gym? Or, do you wish to add some variety to the Ideal Fitness Circuit routine you've been following. Then here are some easy ways to build your own routine.

0) Warm up with Jumping Jacks, Hopping and Stretching for 10 minutes

1) Choose 5 "Push Exercises" and 5 "Pull Exercises". Include upper and lower body exercises.

2) Perform 1 set of between 8 - 15 repetitions of a "Push Exercise". Alternate Push - Pull exercises in the circuit.

3) Do not rest more than 10 seconds before moving on to your "Pull Exercise".

4) After completing the entire circuit repeat one to two more times.

5) Vary the exercises you choose and the number of repetitions you perform.

Be sure to include the big three in all of your routines; Squats, Pull Ups and Push Ups.

Want to see Video examples? Click Here.