The Ideal Circuit - Exercises For Losing Weight

The exercises for losing weight listed in this article are part of the Ideal Fitness Circuit, which is one facet of the complete Burn Belly Fat workout.

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How to Videos of Great Exercises For Losing Weight

This free online weight loss program is shown in the order as performed in the Ideal Fitness Circuit. If you're looking for exercises to lose weight The program is designed to provide a complete warm up, stretching, muscle strengthening, and interval training to burn fat.

After the Ideal Fitness Circuit, immediately begin your interval or steady state cardio exercises for losing weight. After which you will cool down by walking for 5 min, then stretch all the major muscle groups.

1) Jumping Jacks and 2) Half Jumping Jacks

3) 8 Count Up Downs / Burpees

4) Crunches (all types)

5) Push Ups (Regular Shoulder Width Hand Placement). I love using The Perfect Push Up, but regular push ups are Ok. Perfect Pushup

6) Flutter Kicks

7) Butterflies Stretch

8) 3 way Hurdlers' stretch

9) Push Up (Narrow Width, Hands Touching) Perfect Pushup

10) Sit Ups (Don't go all the way up or all the way down)

11) Push Ups (Hands Wide) Perfect Pushup

12) One Leg Squats (Stay above parallel)

13) Supermans (Right Arm/Left Leg and vice versa)

14) V-Ups (Hands to Toes, or as close as you can get)

15) Donkey Kicks (Heel as vertical as possible)

16) Squat (To parallel)

17) Shoulder Stretch

18) Tricep Overhead Stretch

19) Standing Quad Stretch

20) Standing Toe Pointers (Point your toes stretching front of shin)

21) Calf Stretch

22) Pull Ups

23) Dips

Body Solid Powerline Chin Dip / Vertical Knee Raise

Body Solid Powerline Chin Dip / Vertical Knee Raise

SHIPPING INCLUDED Get Lean And Mean For A Lot Less Green. Excellent exercises for losing weight. This freestanding VKR / Chin / Dip combo machine is exactly what you need to bulk up your arms and shoulders while you lose inches and rip your Abs. Do Knee Raises, Leg Raises and Oblique Bends. Grab the Dip Handles to develop great Triceps. This machine has it all!

That completes the Ideal Fitness Circuit. Immediately perform one of the following exercises. Either as intervals, random speed or steady state intensities for maximum effect.

Load-Bearing Walking / Circuit Training

20 lb Adjustable Weight Vest - Unisex

20 lb Adjustable Weight Vest

The GoFit Weighted Vest is perfect for adding resistance to your workout whether it be for aerobics, circuit training or the Fireman's Academy. The Weighted Vest is Our Favorite Addition To Exercises For Losing Weight. It's adjustable in weight. The 20 lb vest fits both men and women with it's unique one size fits all double closure design.

Running / Running in Place / Rebounding on Trampoline

Swimming or Treading Water


Stationary Bike

Omega Triangle Upright Exercise Bike - Blue

Omega Triangle Upright Exercise Bike - Blue

Features 8 Levels Manual resistance. Integrated pulse sensor Built in Transport wheels Adjustable handle bar and seat post Large padded saddle with spring system for comfortable riding 3pcs Cranks Unique magnetic resistance allow a smooth & quiet ride 2 colors handles and grip designed for better sweat absorbency Contemporary design and colors add life to any room Console Scan, time, speed, distance, calorie, ODO, pulse Big LCD display

Muscle Strengthening for Lower Back

Good Morning (slightly bend knees, keep head up)

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